Thursday, March 19, 2009

This crew was most active during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s mostly on the IND and BMT divisions also extending their reach to the IRTs. The DOG crew was based in Brooklyn. The crew was composed of writers from other crews such as TBK's KROOK, JN2(rip), AC, BT, TAX(rip), PASE, RAC, SOR,SEEZONE AKA-CERONE, ROACH, INK 76 and others including Lower East Side writers such as SPACIER and TNS crew members EL 3 (rip), BK ONE and SOE while extending throughout the boroughs. Additional membership included BOM 5, KEN 007, LA ROCK, OE, PEEK, PG(rip) and CHEIF. SES aka "S" aka "SUBWAY SLASHER" was the president and a prominant crew member. His name was derived from newspaper headlines. During the time period there was a news story about a criminal who had been slashing the faces of subway passengers without provocation. The press dubbed the perpetrator "The Subway Slasher". 

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