Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Brooklyn Killers also known as The Bad Kids was a Brooklyn crew that was active during the early 1980s. The crew hit all subway divisions. They focused a great deal of time hitting the subway car interiors of the BMT division; BUT ALSO WERE KNOWN FOR BOMBING THE OUTSIDES WITH THROWEES TO COMPLETELY DESTROY OR CONQUER THE LINE. Relentlessly attacking the B and RR lines in particular, BUT DABBLED IN THE IRT 'S ONCE AND A WHILE DOWN AT THE NEWLOTS YARD. Leadership was provided by BETE and KROOK. Membership has included: BT aka BETE, KROOK aka KROOKLYN, CUSTOM 2 aka CU 2, SES aka SUBWAY SLASHER, ROOK, ROACH, NET, ROA, RAC, SOR,SEEZ AKA- CERONE, AC, JOE NUTS, TAX rip, RISK, DION 39, SNIPER, FUZZ ONE, SO3 aka ESOH and DELK WHO IS THE Tst  PRES ALONG WITH SAKE AKA YD 143 (YARD DESTROYER) .The TBK girls LIL-LOVE, DAWN, ANNA and BAMBI. A division called The Bronx Killers included BOOM ROCK, KEN 007 and BOM 5 and others.Right now krook is the active leader of the crew and has given seez one aka-cerone of bayridge control of the southern division of the crew . his own chapt. more on the crew as it developes

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