Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It is safe to say since the begining of this thing of ours , the mug or character as some people call it is a very important part of a writers production. Whether it be a well known icon such as Mickey mouse or one of your own twisted variations of cartoons. Me personally I am bent more towards the direction of  the works of Vaughn Bode or the bode family in general. They tend to have a connection to the culture. But it really doesnt matter what mug you decide to use as long as you make it your own. my freind SYE TC5 has been doing a variety of  wall productions that vary from the Mario brothers ,Donkey Kong, Wall- e , and has dabbled a bit in the Bode formula as well( who hasn't). But what makes his work as well as the other members of the five special is that they add their own twist to it to make it their own. To make a long story short no matter who you are out there , if your gonna do the deed make sure you do your homework  recognize ,as well as be knowledgable  on this thing of ours we call graff. A mug is an extension of yourself. nuff said...peace

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Sye! said...

Yo, drop knowledge. Mugs/Characters are soooo important to the appearance of your piece. It\'s presence creates an interactive feel to the art.